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Surf and Golf Contest Iron and Sand

The Iron & Sand

Surf and Golf Open Championship

Welcome to the 2018 Iron & Sand Surf and Golf Open Championship. We're back at it again and hoping to bring in some new talent to the field. Last years reigning champion, Evan Geiselman, will be back again to hold onto his title but there's some talented players looking to take his place. 

The Open will be held on Sunday, May 6th in Huntington Beach Southside Pier.  The following day Monday, May 7th Monarch Beach Golf Links will be hosting our Golf Tournament. Pros will be competing for a purse prize of $5000 and Amateurs will be rewarded gift cards from our supporting sponsors.


We're looking forward to seeing everyone again this year along with some new faces! See you out there.



The Iron & Sand Surf and Golf Open Championship is a unique event picking up the best of Amateur and Professional surfers that share our love for Golf. Our innovative event uses our proprietary scoring system to allow a fairly judged performance in surf and golf. On day one each athlete will be judged for their surfing performance. Day two we’ll take all competitors and play a full round of stroke-play golf. The combined points for surfing and golfing will determine the overall winner of The Iron & Sand Surf and Golf Open Championship. 

Athletes competing at a Professional level are at the peak of their surf careers and hold range from single digit to 12 handicaps. Competing for a prize purse of up to $20,000 in a Series these pros are looking to add to their money list and take home a win. Our Amateur level brings in all divisions competing for trophy, prizes, and bragging rights. The amateur (Industry) division is for the leisure surfer/golfer is a competitive but fun event to cheer on their mates. Although this can be fun, there's still some serious competition to be had.

See ya in the water and on the greens!

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