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Our hearts are drawn to the playground of life, the land and sea offer much to be desired and enjoyed. We're located in California, Iron and Sand offers a variety of events to fuel the surf & golf industry. Also a place to find unique products specific to the Iron & Sand lifestyle. Surf in the morning, Golf in the afternoon. Rinse & Repeat. Iron and Sand has something for everyone.


We at Iron & Sand encourage a playful lifestyle through surfing and golfing. Our contests and events embrace the love of our oceans & greens and our efforts to give back. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and always enjoy the company of good people. Our core values come from the love and passion of two great sports.

How We're Built

Vision. To see a future in the golf industry that welcomes a new era of golfers fueled by the surfing industry. An era of young and talented individuals skilled in all action-sports driven by performance and improvement.

Soul. To be the soul of the two sports merging in playfulness to the earth. To maintain the love and passion in and out of the water, feeling closer to nature and therefore closer to the soul.

Desire. To see our mission be fulfilled through the strength of our communities and the commitment to give back to the people and nature.

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