When we started throwing around ideas on how to make this dream come true we always came back to surfing. We knew that we had an idea worth pursuing, but how could we launch it? Through the spirit of competitiveness, and a lot of  brainstorming, we finally came up with the Surf & Golf Series. The Series would cover the west coast from San Diego to Santa Cruz picking up the best surfers that shared our love for Golf.

The Iron & Sand Surf and Golf Series is an innovative event taking the best of Amateur and Professional surfers that share our love for Golf and putting them into our proprietary scoring systemTM. On day one each athlete will be judged for their surfing performance. Day two we’ll take all competitors and play a full round of stroke-play golf. Each round of golf will be scored and broken down into points the same way as the surfing contest. The combined points for all four events for surfing and golfing will determine the overall winner of The Iron & Sand Surf and Golf Series tournament.

From the beginning the responses to the idea of a hybrid contest involving a competition of surf and golf piqued the interest of the surfing world with names like Evan Geiselman, Nathaniel Curren and Timmy Reyes currently surfing in the World Surf League, and industry leaders shaping the surfing culture.


These athletes are at the top of their game holding single-digit handicaps and frothing on the idea of bringing their golf talent and skills to a format that can add to their money list. We held the 2016 Series with three events covering the west coast, as well as adding an amateur division to accommodate all skill levels.

2016 series RESULTS 

Encinitas, CA

Overall: Ryan Simmons

Surf: Timmy Reyes

Golf: Jack Newkirk

Huntington Beach, CA

Overall: Evan Geiselman

Surf: Evan Geiselman

Golf: Jack Newkirk

Santa Cruz, CA

Overall: Chuy Reyna

Surf: Victor Done

Golf: Jack Newkirk


1st: Timmy Reyes

2nd: Ryan Simmons

3rd: Chuy Reyna

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